I love British design for its smartness, its quality and its understated sophistication.” - Jim Read.

Jim and Chloe’s story begins with a rebellious heart, a curious eye and an appreciation for all things British.

Taking inspiration from the streets of London, and vibrant cities all over Britain, their architecturally considered design ethos is like no other.

With an ongoing fascination with the ontology of time, their philosophy is that measuring time doesn’t just have to be practical, it can be stylish too. It has to be.

Beginning with an idea, a concept, a spark of inspiration; each timepiece is born in the mind of Jim Read, often brought to life via sketches atop a dining room table in a renovated Georgian vicarage.

From there it goes through 226 different meticulous processes, passing through 315 pairs of expert hands before the final piece is ready to find its home.

Jim and Chloe’s story is infused in every element of every watch they create. Like their collection of watches, their story is multifaceted. And their story is only just beginning.

Contemporary men's and women's watches

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