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Your Newgate watch was designed for you with great love and attention. Here’s our top tips for how to best to look after it.

To use & set your watch

  • Remove plastic protective film from lens.
  • Remove the blue plastic protective film from the crown.
  • Gently pull the crown away from the normal running position (one step) and turn the hands forward to the correct time, remember to push the crown in to the closed position when done.
  • To set the date (if applicable), gently pull the crown away from the normal running position (two steps) turn to the correct date and return to the closed position. Please see our website for full details.

Adjusting the straps

  • Leather, canvas & silicone straps adjust simply by the use of the buckle.
  • Bracelet straps can be adjusted by removing the bracelet links indicated on the back of the straps – this should be completed by a professional at point of purchase or please return to our service centre for adjustment.
  • To adjust the length of a mesh strap turn the strap to the back, take a small metal tool and use it to lift open the clasp through the small gap. You will then be able to slide the clasp up and down the mesh to your required length, then simply push the clasp back down to secure it in place.

Chrono Movement

  • Sub Dial 1 (24hr clock): Moves in conjunction with the main hands. Cannot be controlled with the lugs.
  • Sub Dial 2 (Second counter): To start press the top lug once. To stop, again press the top lug once. To reset back to the 12oclock position, press the bottom lug once.
  • Sub Dial 3 (Minute counter): Moves in conjunction with the Second counter. It resets along with the second counter.


Care and Maintenance

  • To clean your watch use a soft clean lint-free cloth to wipe off any dirt or water from the case and crystal.
  • Silicone and metal bracelet straps can be cleaned with a damp cloth using mild soap and water and taking care to avoid submerging the watch in water.
  • Suede is a delicate material which may need extra care to protect the strap and avoid damage. Our suede straps are lightly sprayed with suede protector before they reach you which helps to protect them from exposure to water, such as light rain, and some mild dirt. We recommend taking extra care when wearing your suede watch strap and lightly respraying it with a suede protector every few months or so. If the strap does get a little dirty it’s best to use a soft, clean toothbrush to lightly brush the affected area in order to remove any dirt before lightly respraying with protector.
  • Leather is a delicate and porous material. To extend the life of your strap and avoid premature aging we recommend frequently applying a leather protector and also taking care not to expose it to extreme conditions. Use a soft dry cloth to wipe off any light dirt from the leather band.
  • Our brightly coloured watches are finished with the best painting methods available, but care must be taken to avoid scratches and chips. We always recommend removing your watch for activities that may cause your watch to come into contact with other objects.
  • Avoid direct contact of your watch with any abrasive chemicals, for example, cleaning products, body creams, sprays or perfumes which may cause your watch & strap to tarnish.
  • Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures as this may adversely affect the time keeping of your watch and potentially damage sensitive components.
  • We recommend that watch batteries should be changed every 2-3 years by a professional watch repairer. You can return your watch to our service centre for this service.

Water Resistance

Water resistance is not a permanent feature of any watch and should be checked periodically, especially before exposure to wet conditions. Water resistance is only 100% effective at time of successful testing as many factors impact prolonged resistance to water. Please ensure that the crown is fully engaged to the case before exposing your watch to water. Most of our watches are water resistant to 5ATM or 50M with a few exceptions that are ‘water resistant’ only. This relates to the water pressure acting on the watch when it is static in water. Please check the back of your watch for the water resistance category. Exposure to light rain & high humidity is acceptable but avoid wearing the watch whilst showering, swimming, diving or during any activity at risk of water or abnormal heat exposure – the combined effect may be detrimental to the watch seals.

Trouble Shooting

  • Exposing your watch to sudden changes in temperature or pressure may cause condensation to form on the glass lens. In most cases this should disappear in time, but on rare occasions the condensation may take a little longer to evaporate. Do not tamper with your watch in an attempt to speed up the process, if it does not disappear please contact and our repairs team will offer further advice.
  • If you believe your watch mechanism to be faulty or losing time we recommend you leave it on a flat surface for a full 24 hours, ensuring the crown is fully pushed in. If symptoms persist please contact us at


Newgate warranties this watch against defects in materials & workmanship for 2 years from the date of purchase.

We hope you will never encounter a problem with your watch, but in the unlikely event you do please contact who will arrange for the return of your watch to our dedicated in house service centre. If the watch has a defect within the warranty period we will at our discretion and without cost to you complete the necessary replacement of parts and or rectify a fault repair as identified by one of our fully trained watch technicians or replace the watch for the same or on a like for like basis. All other rights resulting from the fault of our services are expressly excluded. Should you require work to be conducted under warranty on your watch please e-mail

The warranty does not cover the ageing of leather or rubber straps, damage to the watches crystal (breakage or chipping), damage to the watch bracelet or case and parts thereof, from improper use, accidents or lack of care. This warranty is rendered void if work is carried out on the watch by any third parties.

Not covered by warranty:

  • Battery, case, strap, clasp and lens.
  • Accidental damage or unauthorised repair.
  • Water penetration through misuse.
  • Discolouring or wear occurring through normal usage.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may also have other rights, which vary from country to country. In the UK nothing in this warranty will affect your statutory rights.

UK Repair Centre
Newgate Watch Repair Centre, Unit 3, Glovers Meadow, Maesbury Industrial Estate, Oswestry, Shropshire, SY10 8NH

For US warranty queries please contact our authorized US Repair Center by filling in this online form. J&J Watch Repair Inc. 900 Walt Whitman Rd LL14, Melville, NY 11747, USA

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